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Make Your Home Hygge!
Posted On: 2022-01-05 11:55:12.983

It sounds sort of like the noise you make when you hiccup: hygge. While it may make a silly sound it's actually serious stuff for self care! Hygge is a Danish word that essentially translates as "a quality of coziness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment" - all very important concepts in Dane society. One might most simply think of it as anything that makes you feel warm and at home.

And who doesn't love the feeling of a content home? It's no wonder this Winter that the idea of hygge is really making a big showing! And it's not just about how you might decorate, it's also some of the things you do in your home as well. So how can you bring a little bit of that feeling into your home? Put on your biggest soft sweater and take a look at these ideas...

First, make your home as cozy as possible. Maybe start with one corner of your room by creating a nestling nook. Make things as soft and comfortable as possible with a place to sit, think throw pillows and plush blankets, and maybe include a place to set your beverage or book. Wrap yourself in the softest fabrics head to toe!

Unplug from electronics. It's easier said than done, especially as more and more of us are working online, but technology can really interrupt your ability to relax. Possible exceptions may be a way to play music to help create the mood.

Play a board game or have an indoor picnic. Sometimes getting back to the simple things is all it takes. And often just changing the scene of things can change a mundane meal into something to remember.

Good food is almost an essential. Many Danish folk will tell you that their level of cultural satisfaction is directly related to the availability of delicious meats, cakes, and coffee - but it's more than just having those things, it's taking the time to thoroughly savor them. Take the time to bake some muffins, or share a old family recipe.

There are any number of ways to make your home more hygge! During these colder months when we're all inside and together more it's a great time to do what we can to be as comfortable as possible.

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