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Find the Land Before You Plan!
Posted On: 2023-02-07 12:23:09.233

The old saying goes "Buy land, they aren't making any more of it!"...and it's a true fact! One sees it often in island regions where there is literally only a certain amount of land to build on, but it's a reality almost anywhere. While we're fortunate here in Idaho to have plenty of wide open places, there is only SO much land to be had, and that's just one reason why you might want to start considering looking for the place long before you start designing the space.

Starting Early Never Hurts
If you've even considered moving, buying land, or building your own home, there really is no time that is too early to start planning! This means not just figuring out what it is you want out of where you live, but also gathering the resources to actually make it happen. Start saving! Start looking! Start talking to an agent!

Decide On the Area
The first step is often just deciding on the WHERE of where you want to live! You've got to consider things like distance to work, or school, as well as what kind of amenities you'll want close by to make living easy. Go for Sunday drives, or if you're saving gas do some good ole Google Map flying to get familiar with a few good communities that might fit your needs.

Think About How Much
Not just how much you want to pay but how much land you really want! If you take care of the land it'll take care of you, but it's important to make sure that not only is the location perfect but that the parcel itself won't be too much to handle. Plenty of folks have dreams of the homesteading life until they find out how much work goes into the off-grid life!

Talk to a Local Agent
While this seems like something an agent would say, it's nonetheless very true! An experienced, local Idaho real estate professional who is familiar with the Garden Valley home market will serve you better than any other - so pick a good one! Not only can they give you insight into what's going on in the communities you're interest in, but they'll also know what the market is doing in that area.

We want you to live your dream!
Sometimes you find the perfect mountain home right on the market, other times you have to build it yourself - either way Garden Valley Properties is here to help you make the move when you are ready!

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