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3 Best Practices for Home Selling in the New Year!
Posted On: 2023-01-06 11:21:30.843

A new year brings new opportunity and a fresh start for a lot of people! And for some that means considering selling their home. The good news is that the Garden Valley real estate market is still moving, and buyers are interested! While rates and prices have changed over the last few months, inventory remains fairly low so there isn't as much competition - making it a great time to list! That said, there are still some challenges to face, so we've put together some best practices to help you get it s-o-l-d!

Keep Calm
It can be hectic, right after the holidays, to even think of listing your home. But, as with anything, the best thing to do is start from a calm emotional state. Being able to take a step back and look at things practically will not only make it easier to say goodbye to the place you've lived for some time, but it can also help you price your home more realistically.

Price It Right
This can be hard. And we recommend leaning heavily on your chosen Idaho real estate professional! Your agent will know the market conditions, what comparable homes are going for in the area, and be able to set a price that will bring good returns as well as a timely sale.

Spruce It Up
It's a strange time of year isn't it?! The Christmas tree or lights might still be up and everyone is still a bit groggy from the holiday time off. If you're thinking of selling soon, it might be a good time to go ahead and take the tree down - pack it up for the move to get one more thing off the list! - and start staging your home for a broader seasonal appeal.

A lot goes into selling a home in Idaho! It's a unique market and mountain real estate can require an especially experienced hand. If you've been waiting for the holidays to be over to get your home sold we hope that you will give us a call to see all we can do to help!

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