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Governor Little 2019 State of the State: Home Buying

Great news for first time home buyers! More young families and couples are moving to our area; this announcement from Governor Brad Little is worth checking out if it's your first time purchasing a home. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions, 208-462-4620.

First Time Home Buyers Governor Little

Home Maintenance Tips

"To prevent minor issues from escalating into full-blown, money-sucking, sale-killing problems, focus on these six important areas you can’t afford to neglect."

1. Keep up the yard and walkways
2. Clean the gutters and check the roof
3. Service your heating systems
4. Keep the critters out
5. Wash your windows
6. Check the calendar

"Staying on top of these regular tasks will make it easier to sell your home with fewer headaches. Plus, it'll preserve the value of your property, and potentially, the thickness of your wallet, too."

Check out a more detailed tutorial video at this link: 

Home Maintenance Tips via Realtor.com

Winter Home Care Tips

Keep Driveway Clear of Snow and Ice

Sanding inclines and clearing paths for delivery trucks (UPS, Fedex, USPS, and if you require propane delivery) from the very first heavy snowfall will make it easier to access your home and guarantee you receive all necessary services during the winter. Should there be an emergency at your home, it's vital to have your home accessible for first responders.


Invest in Weather Stripping

If you have old weather stripping or none at all, it can be fairly inexpensive and increases heat efficiency in your home.


Roof Rakes

Buying one makes it much easier to keep snow off your roof and prevent ice dams from building up and compromising the structural integrity of your home.


Protect Pipes from Freezing 

In cold weather avoid the temptation to turn down the heat when you leave your house. By keeping the heat consistently higher, it prevents your pipes from bursting. If your home has exposed water pipes, wrap them in insulation. By making small, cheap improvements to your house you are potentially saving thousands in water damage and pipe repair!


Cover or Clear Equipment of Snow and Ice

If you have a propane tank, exposed pipes, powerlines, personal machinery, or anything that could be damaged by cold temperatures and heavy snowfall be sure to consistently clear ice and snow off.


Keep Necessary Vents Clear 

Keep your chimney and rooftop clear of snow and ice. Dangerous gases becoming trapped in your home is easily avoided by keeping vents clear of snow and ice.


Mark Underground Tanks

If you ever require work to be done to your home or tanks serviced in the winter, it's easiest to mark them before snow falls so they are easily accessible.


Garden Valley Properties hopes these tips will help you have a safe, warm, happy winter season!

Payette River in Garden Valley
Payette River in Garden Valley
History and Origin of Garden Valley/Crouch

Garden Valley is a thriving community full of fun high school events, local dances, a Chamber of Commerce, the Starlight Mountain Theater, delicious restaurants and trendy coffee shops. There has been so much development since 1920 when Crouch first opened their community hall. One thing that remains from before the area was settled is the beauty and freedom of the land that allows for year-round outdoor sports!


Settlers of the area were primarily miners. Garden Valley started out as a gold mining town with a large population (10,000+) from all over the world. It was the mid 1800s, and gold fever was in full swing! From there Garden Valley began to attract fur trappers; as the population grew, more people heard of the beautiful valley that was full of riches, hot springs and wildlife.


Crouch became an official town in 1934 when a post office was built. The town was named after Billy Crouch, a miner who held land at the fork of the Middle and South Payette River. After Crouch became a town, the area was booming once again because of President Roosevelt's job creation program during the Great Depression. They were loggers looking to make a living for their families that were still back East. The amount of men that flooded the Garden Valley population took care of the families already settled in the area. In return, the locals provided much of the entertainment for the loggers in forms of movies and dances.


Since the 1930s, the growth of population has attracted many businesses that allow for fun experiences. Local attractions include rafting and kayaking companies, a theater, trail rides, archery, fishing, hunting, a town gym, a museum in City Hall, and many other exciting things to do in beautiful Garden Valley! These businesses have led to many gorgeous mountain and riverfront properties that are perfect for full time or part time residents. Whatever way you look at it, Garden Valley and Crouch has a rich history that makes it the perfect, relaxing place to explore and live.


Information gathered from: http://www.boisecounty.us/Visit_Boise_County.aspx#crouch

The Mountains Of Idaho Are Calling!

Dreaming of a place where Mountain peaks soar to 7,000 feet above the horizon? A place where tranquil meadows stretch across green valley’s bisected by the meandering South Fork of the Payette River? You need look no further than beautiful Garden Valley Idaho!

Steeped in a rich history of gold mining, with numerous hot springs in the area which still heat homes, greenhouses and resort swimming pools, this valley is unique in that here man has made peace with nature; prospers from the closeness that provides.

Garden Valley Idaho is home to world-class recreation, unparalleled opportunity for relaxation, and a chance to get back to the best things in life.  Get in touch with our agents today to work with the folks who know this region like few others - because we love calling it home!

The Mountains!
Are Calling!
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