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Do I Need a Home Inspection?

You've searched and searched and found just the right home for you! But this isn't the end of your journey, although you are almost there.
One of the next, most important steps, before the paperwork goes through is your home inspection. Unfortunately, with a the real estate market in Idaho being so hot, many buyers are forgoing home inspections. While some might say this can provide for a timing advantage on closing on the property, skipping the home inspection is not the best move as it can reveal major hazards within your new home.

But, do I NEED one?
Maybe, maybe not, but it's still probably a good idea. While most newer homes especially won't have any problems, especially if you are buying an older home there may be some problem areas to address. If there are major issues in the home it can cost thousands of dollars down the road - why take that chance when you can become aware of them prior to closing. The contingency put in place by your realtor is used in case the home inspection reveals issues, leaving the you (the buyer) the chance to back out within an allotted time frame or to renegotiate an offer. Having the inspection done can save you money on the closing as well as keep you from having more costs later.

What does the home inspection look at?
Your realtor should be able to recommend a provider of quality home inspectors in your area; a thorough home inspection will reveal a lot about your property even if there are no real problems found. Typically, depending on the size of the home, an inspection will take just 2-3 hours. While services vary, your home inspector will generally look at:

• Roofing
• Attics and basements
• Structural components
• HVAC systems
• Windows and doors
• Foundation
• Insulation
• Electrical systems
• Interior plumbing

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions that you will make in your lifetime. So, having a full picture of the house prior to closing on your new home can help make sure you can be confident in the property you will own without worry.

Community Happenings in Garden Valley

We love our mountain community in Garden Valley! One of the things that makes our little valley great is the way that all the people come together throughout the year for special events to celebrate and help support one another. If there's one thing folks in the mountains know it's that we're better when we stick together and good neighbors make great communities!

Take a look at all the fun events left this year and come visit us in the beautiful mountains of Idaho!


Is It Time to Downsize?

For years your home has been your castle, your place of peace, your refuge against the world. But, after some time life happens and things can change so much faster than you thought. As the years go by it's natural for the needs of your home to change; what may have been a must have features can be more than you need. It may be time to downsize! While that can seem intimidating it doesn't need to be and you may be unsure if it's even the right time - after all, you've loved your home for years - so why change?

It's Just Too Big
Whether that means the home itself or the property it's attached to, after a while it can seem like a bit much. It might just be the size alone, empty rooms once the kids have moved out can make the house feel more empty too. Moving to a smaller home gives you the opportunity to relive all the good memories you had and make them a focus for your next home where you will make new ones.

The Price Is Right!
There's nothing wrong with a little monetary motivation - and the real estate market is still moving in Idaho! Even if finances aren't a problem, prices right now have been good enough that you may want to consider padding your nest egg by selling and downsizing.

Finances Are Tight
Money needs change as we age too, and no matter how well you plan there are always unexpected costs. A larger home usually means larger costs in utilities and taxes. If your home is taking up 30% of your take home income or more it may want to make the move sooner than later. Selling your home while the market is good is a great way to not only take care of current debts but to also have the means to plan for the future as well.

You're a Traveler
For some, our later years are the time when we are more active than ever, and for those folks travel often takes a more center role in life. If you're a snowbird, or find yourself constantly jumping from one bucket list adventure to the next you might be realizing how much time you spend NOT at home. Because of that the overhead, maintenance, and other costs of having a large home you're never at might not make sense.

Downsizing can be a smart financial move and give you a new lease on life, but we understand how much of an emotional decision it can be to leave your home behind. Isn't it good then to know you have trusted real estate professionals here at Garden Valley Properties? If you are considering selling your home in Idaho, put our decades of Idaho real estate experience to work for you - we will be sure to work closely with you to help find a plan that works for your next move!

Dress Up Your Home!

Whether you're considering selling your home in Idaho, or are just moving in there's nothing wrong with dressing up your home a little bit! While you want to err on the side of caution with too much personal style if you're selling (maybe not two dozen pink flamingos...in the living room!) it's fine to show a little pizzazz and doing a little light staging can even help your home sell. And of course, if you're just moving in just moving your stuff in is the first challenge - after which it's time to REALLY figure out how to make your new home your own. In order to help get you started we've put together just a few quick tips!

Shop Your Own Home
This is especially true if you've lived in your house for a while, but one of the best ways to discover something to your own tastes just might be to look at the stuff you already have! Long time homeowners can brave the attic to see what treasures they may have forgotten they had and if you're just moving in doing this while you're sorting is a great idea.

It's easy to get lost once you start looking on this great little site. Search for Pinterest and sign up if you haven't already - you can find literally thousands and thousands of great decorating ideas, recipes, and other fun tips for making your home life amazing.

Paint It
No need to go crazy, but a fresh coat of paint can make old rooms seem completely new. If you're just moving in it's also a perfect time to do it before you get everything in place. Check around, even ask the person at the store, about current paint trends and ideas (check that pinterest site too!). Even just updating the accent colors in a room without going all in on full wall color changes can make a big impact!

Art Swap
If you've been in your home for a while it might be time to change out the pictures on the wall! There are any number of places online to find art prints, and even places where you can have your own photos turned into canvas prints. Changing the images in a space is a great, easy way to change the focus of a room and if you're just moving in it can help make it feel more your own too.

If you're tired of looking at those same old four walls - maybe you need to downsize...or maybe you want to UPsize! - our team of experienced Idaho real estate agents is here to help you! We know the Garden Valley and Treasure Valley markets like few others because it's the place we ourselves call HOME!

Building Your Idaho Dream Home? Plan ahead!

The famous saying is buy land they're not making any more of it! And while that is certainly true there's a lot more than just buying a lot when it comes to building your mountain dream home. It can be a long road, but the satisfaction that comes from a bustom built home that is exactly what you want it to be is something that lasts for generations. To help you prepare for your journey into home building we've put together some tips!

Take Your Time
A dream is nothing to rush into! Don't get pressured into a property if it's not what you want, or at least a good compromise on what is available. You want to be able to spend years here, enjoying your time well into the future so spend a little time in picking just the right spot.

Choose the Right Builder
Here in Idaho we're fortunate to have a number of excellent home builders to choose from who offer a number of styles and price ranges. You'll want to pick the right one for what YOU want. That might be a luxurious mountain mansion complete with netzero smart appliances, or it could be just a modest cabin with the creature comforts. Your realtor will likely be able to help you with recommendations for a quality builder.

Be Patient
Building a custom home can take time, but the good news is your're getting something tailored to your tastes so it will be unlike anything else. Your builder will keep you abreast of timelines; it may be helpful to start a build calendar to share with the family so you all have dates to look forward to along the way.

The good news is, here in Idaho we have a wonderful selection of builders so finding one that will be able to build your dream home for you is a bit easier than other parts of the country. If you're still looking for the perfect piece of land, start here!

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