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Way to Go Kyle!

Garden Valley's own Kyle Willey, 13, is the winner of the Monte See Memorial Hefer Legacy Project - CONGRATULATIONS!

As part of the award he received a new belt buckle and a young calf named Miss Frankie which he will be working with in order to prepare her for the 2012 Gem/Boise County Fair and later in 2022 as a cow-calf pair.

Kyle answered this years essay question: How Has Covid-19 impacted the beef industry?

His diligent research on the topic and first hand knowledge of the business were excellent sources of real world knowledge for this young man, and he applied it well to gain his win. Miss Frankie, his prize cow, is already settling in to her new home and Kyle's mother says "He is doing a great job with her and she just loves him!".

Way to go Kyle!
We're proud of you - keep up the good work!

Happy New Year from GVP!

Thanks to you!  In spite of the challenges and opportunities handed to Garden Valley Properties in 2020:
the transition in ownership, the location move, the lack of inventory, social distancing, remote working and masks;
You, our friends, customers, and business partners, contributed to a successful year at Garden Valley Properties.  

Again, ranked Number 1 in West Boise County.  

Our market share grew, again, in 2020.  We owe all this to the dedication and hard work of our agents and staff, but more importantly to the folks who come back to us, recommend us, encourage us and keep us going.

We’re often asked, "What is the key factor to your success"?  

It’s our clients, who have always taken great care of us.  
Thank you for your recommendations and referrals!
Sincere thanks for bringing your business to Garden Valley Properties!

Wishing you all renewed optimism for 2021!

Kathleen Vaughan and Julie Leslie

Make a Memory Jar

2020 has been a year to remember and we are so grateful for all the little things!

So here is to 2021 and making great memories!

A fun idea for this New Year's Eve is to decorate a "Memory Jar" to keep over the next 12 months.

Every time something incredible happens, write about it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar - it's that simple!

You can even include momentos like ticket stubs and cards. Then, on New Year's Eve 2022, you can open the jar and take a walk down memory lane.

Here is hoping that 2021 will be healthy and prosperous year of wonderful memories! Thank you for being part of our year here at Garden Valley Properties!

Tips to Help Sell Your Home During the Holidays!

Typically, the Winter months can be a somewhat more difficult time to sell your home. The weather isn't as nice, the roads are bad, and people tend to really hunker down in the spot they're already in. So what do you do? Don't despair! We've got some great tips to help you get your home sold this holiday season!

Clean Up the Curb Appeal
The front of the house is the first thing people see, so be sure to clean up leaves and debris. Take care of those external house items that you may have put off like trimming the bushes, or taking care of any outside maintenance.

Stage Accordingly
It's the holidays! So get with the season. Put up some lights but don't go overboard with elves on every shelf! Keep it tasteful, and think about creating 'warmth' throughout your home.

Be Flexible
Did we mention it's the holidays? Schedules are crazy, people have a thousand things going on, so be flexible in the times for your showings and meetings with your agent.

Speaking of Agents
It is of course, most important whatever time of year you decide to sell your home to work with a quality real estate professional. We have an office of experienced and knowledgable REALTORS® ready to help you!

Idaho Mountain Snow in Garden Valley

As I sat down to write this blog, I was a bit uninspired. This busy season can leave a person a bit worn out and ready for a break. And honestly, that got me thinking! Every year I cringe at the thought of winter. Not winter itself, if truth be told, but all the things that winter brings. Plowing, shoveling, taking care of livestock in the cold, driving in the snow, the list goes on. A lot of preparation is involved for winter in the mountains too, so it can be a chore!

All that said, I get to a point around this time of year that I long for the snow. We have planned, we have prepared, and we are ready. And then we wait for that first snowfall. I have a secret about the first big series of snowstorms that I want to share with you. They bring peace. The world slows down for a while. The smell in the air changes. People, like animals, snuggle in and enjoy the quiet and calm. When I say I long for snow, I think what I really mean is that I long for the peace, quiet, and calm the snow brings.

As a child one of my absolute favorite things about Garden Valley was the first snow. It ushered in sledding, snowball fights, igloo building, and mugs of hot chocolate. My second favorite thing was after the first winter storm. That is when the sun would come out and the entire world around us sparkled like diamonds. The snow sitting heavily on the trees, lying in the fields, and settled in on the roofs of homes… every inch of everything sparkled. There is something magical about that! And, as a child, the only conceivable reason I could find for the existence of snow was for it to simply be pretty. As an adult, I know better, but I still marvel at the beauty of the world covered in a blanket of white.

If you are already in Garden Valley, get outside and enjoy the beauty the season brings! Marvel in it, breathe it in deep, and allow it to surround you. If you are not here, but plan to visit, let one of us show you around our winter wonderland! Be careful though; you may fall in love!

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