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Two Things Idaho Home Sellers Should Know

A lot has changed over the last year in real estate, even here in the mountains of Idaho! This leaves many homeowners who have been thinking about selling not knowing what to expect this Spring. It can be hard to know what to think, if it's time, or if you should wait. Not to worry, we've concentrated things down into two main things you need to know if you've been on the fence about selling.


Houses Are Still Selling
The market goes up the market goes down - people still need somewhere to live and people are still buying houses. So if one of your worries is that houses aren't selling, don't worry! Houses are still selling. Houses are still selling at asking price - And with the right agent, and the right price, your home could very well be one of them


Details Matter
Price matters. Condition matters. Make no mistake, buyers have a lot of leverage right now - and a growing number of homes to choose from - so it's important to work with a professional Realtor to present your home in the very best light for the market.

Are you thinking about selling your Idaho home?
A lot goes into getting a home ready for market, but you don't have to go it alone. Our agents here at Garden Valley Properties are happy to help you at every step of the way. Get in touch to find out all we can do to make your next move a success!

Make Homeownership a Reality Even If You're Not Ready to Buy NOW!

According to recent surveys 8 out of 10 Americans considers owning a home to be a priority. For most it's an undeniable financial benefit along with all of the non-financial ones that are at the heart of the matter - home, family, sense of self, and happiness. But not everyone is ready to buy a home in Idaho - at least maybe not right NOW. So, what do you do?

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can start doing NOW even if you're not even close to being ready to move or buy a home. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Improve Your Credit
Your credit score is the first thing lenders will look at when considering your loan. The higher (better) your credit score the more money you will be able to borrow and at a better rate. If a low credit score might keep you from buying a home you can always work with a financial advisor, but some other things you can do on your own include paying bills on time as well as keeping a balanced debt to income ratio.

Start Saving
Whether it's closing costs, moving costs, or the cost of the house itself one thing you simply can not have enough of is available funds! Be it pennies or dimes, start socking it away any way you can. Consider a dedicated savings account just for your home dream so that the money you put aside can gain interest as you work towards your goals.

Start De-cluttering
The less stuff you have the less stuff you have to move! Unless you're already living a minimalist lifestyle or upgrading to an immensely larger home it never hurts to take a look at all the things you have and trim out the things you don't really need - or at least don't want to have to move with you!

Find an Agent
It never hurts to find a Idaho real estate professional who knows the market for the area you want to live in! Even if it's a long time before you're ready to buy! Find a local agent who meets your style, your personality, and who is qualified to help you towards your dream.

Top Reasons for Selling Your Idaho Home

The reasons for selling your home in Idaho are as many and as varied as the reasons you may have bought it! It might be your current job requirements, your personal needs, or the needs of your family - it might have even been just because the time was right. But selling is a little different, even though it has reasons all its own. It could be that you are ready for more room, or less room, or maybe it's just once again time for a change. So why are people still choosing to move?

Many current homeowners bought their homes before or during the pandemic when mortgage rates were making history. They've been making history again, just not in the same direction, making many homeowners hesitant to move. The good news is rates are correcting and the market is moving!

One thing the pandemic made us realize: we thrive on closeness. A lot of people who moved away in their younger days are moving again to be closer to the ones they love. Likewise, empty nesters haven't disappeared and family moving away or moving out may mean considering selling as well.

Downsizing or UPsizing
Life comes at you quick! The plans you made yesterday are off the table today and at times you have to be ready to make changes you never saw on the horizon. That might mean the house that seemed so full is now empty, or that the spacious living areas you fell in love with are bursting at the seams. You can't ever tell what may happen, and needing more or less space is one of the biggest reasons people sell.

Find the Land Before You Plan!

The old saying goes "Buy land, they aren't making any more of it!"...and it's a true fact! One sees it often in island regions where there is literally only a certain amount of land to build on, but it's a reality almost anywhere. While we're fortunate here in Idaho to have plenty of wide open places, there is only SO much land to be had, and that's just one reason why you might want to start considering looking for the place long before you start designing the space.

Starting Early Never Hurts
If you've even considered moving, buying land, or building your own home, there really is no time that is too early to start planning! This means not just figuring out what it is you want out of where you live, but also gathering the resources to actually make it happen. Start saving! Start looking! Start talking to an agent!

Decide On the Area
The first step is often just deciding on the WHERE of where you want to live! You've got to consider things like distance to work, or school, as well as what kind of amenities you'll want close by to make living easy. Go for Sunday drives, or if you're saving gas do some good ole Google Map flying to get familiar with a few good communities that might fit your needs.

Think About How Much
Not just how much you want to pay but how much land you really want! If you take care of the land it'll take care of you, but it's important to make sure that not only is the location perfect but that the parcel itself won't be too much to handle. Plenty of folks have dreams of the homesteading life until they find out how much work goes into the off-grid life!

Talk to a Local Agent
While this seems like something an agent would say, it's nonetheless very true! An experienced, local Idaho real estate professional who is familiar with the Garden Valley home market will serve you better than any other - so pick a good one! Not only can they give you insight into what's going on in the communities you're interest in, but they'll also know what the market is doing in that area.

We want you to live your dream!
Sometimes you find the perfect mountain home right on the market, other times you have to build it yourself - either way Garden Valley Properties is here to help you make the move when you are ready!

3 Best Practices for Home Selling in the New Year!

A new year brings new opportunity and a fresh start for a lot of people! And for some that means considering selling their home. The good news is that the Garden Valley real estate market is still moving, and buyers are interested! While rates and prices have changed over the last few months, inventory remains fairly low so there isn't as much competition - making it a great time to list! That said, there are still some challenges to face, so we've put together some best practices to help you get it s-o-l-d!

Keep Calm
It can be hectic, right after the holidays, to even think of listing your home. But, as with anything, the best thing to do is start from a calm emotional state. Being able to take a step back and look at things practically will not only make it easier to say goodbye to the place you've lived for some time, but it can also help you price your home more realistically.

Price It Right
This can be hard. And we recommend leaning heavily on your chosen Idaho real estate professional! Your agent will know the market conditions, what comparable homes are going for in the area, and be able to set a price that will bring good returns as well as a timely sale.

Spruce It Up
It's a strange time of year isn't it?! The Christmas tree or lights might still be up and everyone is still a bit groggy from the holiday time off. If you're thinking of selling soon, it might be a good time to go ahead and take the tree down - pack it up for the move to get one more thing off the list! - and start staging your home for a broader seasonal appeal.

A lot goes into selling a home in Idaho! It's a unique market and mountain real estate can require an especially experienced hand. If you've been waiting for the holidays to be over to get your home sold we hope that you will give us a call to see all we can do to help!

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